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Female Firsts in Their Fields
Science and Medicine

by Gina DeAngelis
ISBN: 0-7910-5143-9 Trade, $16.95

Two-time Nobel Prize-winner Marie Curie, pioneering physician Elizabeth Blackwell, American Red Cross founder Clara Barton, outspoken revolutionary anthrolopogist Margaret Mead and early environmentalist Rachel Carson share the spotlight in this volume.

Florence Sabin
teacher of doctors

by Robin Campbell
ISBN:0-7910-2291-9 Trade, 16.95
(4th -5th grade level)

When Florence Sabin became a doctor in 1900, women were not allowed to vote and were excluded from many schools and jobs. But Sabin rose above the prejudice of her day to become one of the most respected medical researchers of the early 20th century.
She became the first female professor at John Hopkins University, the first woman elected to the National Academy of Sciences, and the first female president of the American Assoiciation of Anatomists.
Sabin led a team of scientists in searching for a cure for tuberculosis, the number one cause of death in the Uniteds States at the time, and fought for laws to control the spread of deadly diseases in her home state of Colorado.
Florence Sabin's brilliant scientific career served as an example of women's abilities and paved the way for future generations of female scientists.

Barbara McClintock

by Mary Kittredge
ISBN: 0-7910-2291-9, 16.95

Scientists thought she was crazy when Barbara McClintock announed that genetic material could move from place to place on chromosomes and that genes could regulate themselves. Thirty years later at the age of 81, McClintock was awarded a Nobel Prize in medicine for her ground breaking discoveries in genetics.
McClintock earned her PhD in botany from Cornell University and was appointed an instructor at winning her Nobel Prize.

Florence Nightingale
war nurse

by Anne Colver
ISBN: ISBN: 0-7910-1466-5 , 16.95
(4th -5th grade level)

As a child in England, Florence Nightingale's favorite game was plying nurse. From nursing her dolls she went on to tend sick dogs, cats, donkeys, and other animals. Soon she was nursing the village people.
Her family thought nursing was no occupation for a wealthy young lady. They were shocked when she refused to give up her work in order to marry.
The British government sent her to the Crimean War, where she changed the methods of wartime nursing. When she returned to England she founded the first school for trained nurses, the Nightingale School.

Clara Barton
Soldier of Mercy

by Mary Catherine Rose
ISBN: 0-7910-1403-7 , 16.95
(4th -5th grade level)

Clara Barton was one of the most famous nurses in America. She was an active nurse during the Civil War. Later she helped to found the American Red Cross.

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