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The Spirit of Mulan

I remember after watching the movie "Mulan", I felt even more proud of being a girl. I think the spirit of Mulan lives in every girl on this planet. Mulan's spirit symbolizes qualities of strength, courage, confidence and positive virtures that lie in every woman's heart and soul.

Even though God made a man's body more enduring to physical stress, the female has been blessed with an unwaivering strenght of spirit. It is becuase of this very strength of spirit why nature chose the woman to have the capactiy to conceive life, to carry a baby for nine months in her womb and then to safely bring into this world the heros and heroines of tomorrow.

The spirit of Mulan has made me understand better the wise old sayings like, "The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world." Another wise saying goes, "Behind every successful man, there is a woman."

There is no reason why a girl should think that she is less capable of fulfilling her dreams just because she is a girl. In today's world, the spirit of Mulan lives on in the form of female politicians, scientists, artists and poets.

The spirit of Mulan that lies dormant in all of us can only be inhibited by our own pre-conceived and false ideas of what a woman can and cannot do, or what a woman should and should not do. We need to overcome these false barriers and open our minds and hearts and allow the spirit of Mulan that lies in all of us, to express itself with all its might.

The example Mulan teaches us that one can do anything that one sets their mind to do. All it requires is to believe in oneself.

	Eisa Nicky Eisa, age 13 (San Antonio, TX)
The Spirit of Mulan
I was deeply moved by the lesson, honor comes from the heart, not from what others think. Mulan found that out after awhile of trying to please everyone. Be yourself.

The lesson adds up from virtue, confidence, and honor. Mulan expressed all. She may not have brought honor through the matchmaker, but she pursued it in a different way. She didn't plan to be a heroine, the bravest, most cunning and most courageous of the whole army, she just wanted honor. She wanted to look at herself and say, "I am important" or " I did a great thing today."

Mulan's greatest lesson was when instead of shooting the last cannon at the Hun leader, she hit the mountain which caused an avalanche to occur, killing the Hun army. But the Hun leader struck Mulan, which led to the discovery that she was a girl.

After a few thoughts, and finding five Huns alive, it gave her the strength not to give up. (Don't let anything stand in your way.) She learned that it was no use to stand there crying over something that could not be done. And being "true to your heart" can really bring the best out of you, and bring great honor, too.

Maurenn Lim-Chua, age 10 (Mount Holly, NJ)
The Spirit of Mulan is in Me
My Mom and Dad alway say that I should stand up for what is right, even if I am standing alone. Mulan knew that she was younger and stronger than her father, so she should be the one fighting, not her father. Even though everyone said that girls shouldn’t be training and fighting, Mulan did what she felt was right.

My parents tell me that I can be anything I want to be when I grow up, as long as I work hard. As long as I work hard like Mulan did, I will do well, just like she did.

	EgreJessica Egre, age 7 (Williston Palle, NY)

The 20th Century Spirit of Mulan
In the movie, "Mulan", Mulan shows herself to be a courageous girl. Not only is she brave, but she was willing to do something that was not culturally correct. She went to battle as a women disguising herself as a man. Just as Mulan showed extraordinary courage, so did 20th century Susan Butcher. Susan Butcher has won the grueling Iditarad sled-dog race four times. It is a 1,157 mile race from Anchorage, Alaska to Nome. It is one of the toughest races in sports and in 1978 many people thought a woman would not be strong enough to finish the race. Susan and her dogs crossed two mountian ranges, ice-covered rivers and the frozen Bering Sea. She had to endure very cold temperatures and high winds. She never gave up. Susan Butcher has the "Sprit of Mulan."
Scott Krenitski, age 15 (Towaco, NJ)
The Daughter's Rights
Mulan wanted to be a warrior, so she could help her father. But she couldn’t, because she was a girl. Society wouldn’t allow females in combat. Because society had it’s own way of thinking what females roles were. But everyone now, has the right to choose what they want to be. It has gotten easier and better for women to choose careers and she is not supposed to get harrassed about it.
For example a couple of my classmates and me were on a football team. It consisted mainly of boys with an exception of two girls. These girls took some teasing and bullying. But they held their ground and took their place on the team. Nobody even noticed later on. They finished out the season, proving that if you want something bad enough, you can do it.
In the future we will see more mixed teams in sports, jobs, and in religions, where women will hold office and certain positions not open to them. So little by little women stood up for their rights and things began to change.
Abrose MendezAmbrose Mendez, 10 (Soledad, CA)
Gabilan Elementary School class of Wiley Reeves

The Spirit of Mulan
In order to understand the spirit of Mulan, you must first ask yourself what does spirit mean to me? I feel one's spirit is an unstopable force that drives you to complete your goals in life.

Mulan's spirit drove her to try and save her father’s life. He was very weak and she knew he couldn’t fight the Huns. So she decided to take her father’s sword and clothes and tried to pass herself of as a man. She believed doing so she would make a difference for her family and China.

While Mulan was trying to be a soldier, she was beaten. But through everything, she learned to be true to her heart and how to be a good soldier and to keep trying. No matter what.

When I was in karate, I had to spar with other kids. I got socked in the stomach. I hurt really bad and I even cried. But I tryed my best and I went back and fought again. I never gave up either. Mulan went on to fight the Huns and won. Even though there were lots of things in her way, she kept trying. She taught everyone what pride, love and spirit is all about.

DJ MorrisDerrick Morris, 8 (Salinas, CA)
Steinbeck Elementary School class of Norma Cressman

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