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Zen: Key to Your Undiscovered Happiness

An easy-to-understand discussion of Buddhism with applications to modern, everyday life.

trade paperback $8.95

ebook $5.00

Chan Mi Gong:
Chinese Meditation for Health

A step by step manual for learning qigong (ch'i kung), a type of internal exercise that promotes health, regulates body metabolism and prevents illness.

1st edition English trade paperback $9.95
1st edition ebook English: $3.50
2nd edition ebook English: $5.00


The true story of a beautiful palace attendant who becomes the only female emperor in more than 5,000 years of Chinese history.

hardcover $14.95
paperback $7.95

Adventures of Monkey King

A mischevious monkey aquires god-like powers and creates havoc in heaven.

trade paperback $7.95

ebook $5.00


The Legend of Mu Lan

Story of the girl warrior Mulan who fights in place of her father and returns home victorious.

hardcover $14.95

paperback $7.95

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