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Zen : Key to Your Undiscovered Happiness

by C.N. Hu

When You are Frustrated with Life's Problems, Zen is indispensable!
Zen serves like a boat which can help you cross life's torrents safely. It is like a doctor, whom you do not need while healthy; but when you are ill, he is indispensable. Keeping you serene, contented and free from worry are just a few practical applications of Zen to our daily living.
Zen is an easy-to-understand discussion of Buddhism with application to modern, everyday life.

Zen answers such questions as

  • What is happiness?
  • What is nirvana?
  • Why is meditation as 'the exploration of inner space'?
  • How can tai chi ch'uan be used as a health system?
  • What is the relationship between language and reality?
  • What is the theory of equilibrium in education, in government, and in diet?
  • Why is lateral thinking an expression of the highest wisdom?

What others are saying about Zen

Skillfully uses western terminology to explain Eastern philosophy.
Yi-fa, Bikshuni, Fo-kuang Shan Temple

provides a unique approach to Buddhism.
J. Chen, associate professor, Beijing University

Very well researched . . . I enjoyed the book
D. Seckler, former associate professor of economics, Kansas State University

Valuable guide book.
Book Reader

Zen . . . by C. N. Hu has given me a clearer picture of Buddhism and its relation to other Asian philosophies than other books I've read to date.
P. Lee, San Francisco

Author C. N. Hu

C. N. Hu was brought up a shramanera (novice monk) the first ten years of his life in China. A graduate of Saint John's University in Shanghai and the University of California at Berkeley, the late Professor Hu taught Chinese language and culture at the Defense Language Institute for 30 years.

An excerpt from Zen:

The basic problems we face are that we can never get what we want in life. And worse still, our goals constantly change. Once we have reached one goal, we might have something else in mind. In other words, we merely exist. We do not live. We are always in the expectation of living. Because of this pattern of yearning, we are constantly confronted with frustrations. Life turns out to be just a problem solving process. It is quite obvious and everyone can see for himself that there are more failures than successes in life. And furthermore what we normally consider to be a success in life is, in effect, transitory. There is no permanency whatsoever.

In order to avoid frustration and stop worrying on one hand, and to attain peace and enjoy happiness on the other, we must re-evaluate our mode of living and we must re-examine our traditional value judgment. Above all, we must re-orient our philosophy of life.

Zen can soothe your tension. Zen can make you regain your perspectives in life. Zen understands and appreciates the intimacy of psychosomatic relations. While stressing mental hygiene, it can offer you physical well-being.

trade paperback $8.95

ebook $5.00

Over 1 million taught!
Thousands cured of illness.

[cover of Chan Mi Gong]

Chan Mi Gong : Chinese Meditations for Health

by Liu, Hanwen

Chan Mi Gong is one of the most popular types of qigong (ch'i kung) in mainland China today. Years of experience have shown that chan Mi Gong can develop internal qi, regulate body metabolism, promote health, prevent illness, bring forth latent ability and develop intelligence.

This step-by-step manual includes illustration and instructions for learning this simple, but powerful type of qigong.

Included is a brief historical background of the development of Chan Mi Gong from a combination of the Chan (Zen) and Mi (Tantric) sects of Buddhism.

What others are saying about Chan Mi Gong

. . . surprisingly effective. I have much more energy.
Mu Lin Yang, retired librarian with t.b.

Since practicing chan mi gong, I haven't had a cold for three years.
L. Lu, clerk and former asthmatic

It's helped my concentration. I can study for longer periods. J. Chu, college student (who suffers from bouts of depression)

Author Liu, Han Wen

Liu, Han Wen comes from a distinguished family of practicing Buddhists and medical doctors. He learned various types of mediation and qigong at home as a child. He synthesized his learning into a system of exercises he named Chan Mi Gong.

He first taught Chan Mi Gong in the 1950's at the Shenyang Sports Clinic in Liaoning Province, China and continued teaching in the 1960's at the Dandong Sports Clinic. In 1980, Mr. Liu taught Chan Mi Gong in Beijing. Since then Chan Mi Gong has spread throughout China and parts of the world.

1st edition English trade paperback $9.95
1st edition ebook English: $3.50
2nd edition ebook English: $5.00


Chan Mi Gong:
meditación china para la salud

Chan Mi Gong es uno de diversos tipos de qigong del budismo tradicional.
Practicando qigong, no se usa ninguna medicina, ni se recurre a ninguna teoría de curación de enfermedades; en cambio se usa su propia consciencia para controlar y regular el cuerpo.

Spanish trade paperback $11.95
ebook Spanish $5.00



Adventures of Monkey King
China's most popular folk tale

[cover of Monkey King]

Adventures of Monkey King

by R. L. Gao
illustrated by Marlys Johnson-Barton

Follow the adventures of the magical Monkey King and the gluttonous Piggy as they accompany Monk Tang on a journey from China to India to gather Buddhist scriptures.

The story of Monkey King has been read and loved by Chinese children for hundreds of years. Now it is available in an easy-to read English translation.

A light-hearted look at the true story of the Chinese pilgrim Tang Xuan Zang who is often credited with bringing Buddhism from India to China.

What others are saying about Adventures of Monkey King

"Better than the Ninja turtles, better than the Power Rangers.''
S. Zhang, Instructor, Defense Language Institute

"Hilarious! Plenty of action move the text along at a fever pitch, and young readers are not likely to resist being pulled along with it."

" . . . truly a fun book"
Rock Ford Daily Gazette

"A story with universal appeal. A charming way to look at human nature.
L. H. Ko, teacher

trade paperback $7.95

ebook $5.00


For more information see www.buddhistbooks.info

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